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Sports 60 - $95.00

Pick this one if you are an athlete in training, or in recovery mode. Get your Pre and post event, or maintainence massage here.

Deep Tissue 60 - $95.00

There is a superficial layer of muscles and then there's the deep. You can guess where we'll be focusing with this 60 minutes. P.S. It doesn't have to hurt, and no it isn't all elbows.

Medical Massage 60 - $95.00

Did your doctor recommend you get a massage for a named condition? Do you have a diagnosed frozen shoulder? Whiplash? Degenerative disc disease? Etc. You need a massage that has more than aromatherapy going for it. Pick this one.

Pregnancy Massage 60 - $95.00

Please don't pick this one unless you are with child. This massage will focus on easing the aches and symptoms associated with making another little human.

Power 1/2 Hour - $50.00

Let's see what we can do in 30 minutes! Is this all the the time you have to spare or all you think you can take?

Sports 90 - $140.00

See also Sports 60

Deep Tissue 90 - $140.00

See also Deep Tissue 60

Deep Tissue 120 - $175.00

2 hours folks.

Medical Massage 90 - $140.00

See also Medical Massage 60

Relaxation 60 - $95.00

This will be your basic sleepy time Swedish massage. Pick this one if you are more interested in a scalp massage than pain relief.

Relaxation 90 - $140.00

See also Relaxation 60


As always, received a 5-star deep tissue massage by Angie. My body was knotted up in all sorts of places from carrying & playing with my baby. Angie did a phenomenal job working out all the kinks, especially in specific trouble areas I'd pointed out. Her new location is convenient, comfortable, & adorable. She does a great job adhering to State Covid guidelines (masks, temp check, sanitizing). I highly recommend Angie for your massage "kneads." Thank you so much Angie!! You have magic hands!!

- Anna L. -

Angie gives the best massages ever. She really focuses on your problem area and is determined to make you feel brand new again. She is very friendly and kind. Angie is good at what she does! Her deep tissue massages are great and also her pregnancy massages are also amazing.

- B. C. -

Angela is a wonderful massage therapist. She listens to your needs and doesn't give you the cookie cutter session you'd receive with most therapists. If you have an issue in a particular area she focuses on it until she feels it has been taken care of. As a massage therapist myself I'm very picky on who I go to for bodywork. You won't feel like you threw away your money with Angela's very professional work.

- Mike S. -

I have had Angela work with me for some time. I have had a medical massage for ongoing issues in my neck, lower back & other nerve pains. Angela followed my comments about what was bothering me & adjusted her massage accordingly. She always has a good playlist of background music too!!

- J. T. -

I've been getting massages from Angie for over two years and as always, yesterday my massage was excellent. Angie always asks about any issues I am having and tailors my massage to hit all my problem areas. She is very professional and safety conscientious - and I love her new space!

- P. Z. -